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CHI - Michael Chu - Sam Tinaglia 09More children die from cancer than any other disease in the U.S.

Yet, in the past 20 years only three new drugs have been developed to treat cancer specifically in young, rapidly growing bodies.

What’s the hold up?

  • Childhood cancer isn’t just one disease.  There are more than a dozen types of childhood cancer and countless subtypes – each requiring specific research to develop the best treatment.
  • Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s research budget (government funding) is dedicated to pediatric cancer since “statistically speaking” these rare diseases.
  • Big pharma contributes very little money or effort toward treating childhood cancer due to the low return.

Unlike research for adult cancers, childhood cancer research
is dependent upon private philanthrophy.

SpotlightPhoto_0130Where does this leave us?

  • Treating kids with therapies developed for adults – even though we know the biology of kids and adults is very different.
  • With 60%+ of childhood cancer patients developing one or more chronic health conditions, and 20%+ experiencing severe or life-threatening complications, during adulthood because of treatment.
  • Losing more than 2,000 children to cancer each year.

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