Stories Connect Us

The story of childhood cancer is comprised of individual stories like yours.

Whether you’re a parent or a patient, a sibling or a friend, a teacher or a researcher – your story is a bridge.  To those who have “been there,” to people who can’t fathom what you’re going through, and to others who will be moved to help improve outcomes for kids with cancer.

Your story is important.  It makes a difference.SpotlightPhoto_0054

At the end of our small JGCF staff meeting each week, we share a story about childhood cancer.  So that amidst the deadlines, the upcoming events and everything else on our desks – we never lose sight of why we’re here.  We never forget that our “business” is beating childhood cancer.  It makes us better fundraisers and better people.

With your permission, we’d also like to share your story on our blog.  Stories create connections, connections create community, and communities create change.

“Faith needs a story to sustain it.”

— Annette Simmons

HatsOfftoSeuss_GroupPhotoYou don’t have to be an author to tell your story.  Send us a photo.  Write a few sentences, several pages or anything in-between.  You can even tell us to call you so you can share your story over the phone.